Geek the Mage First

Teamwork is essential; it gives the enemy other people to shoot at.

Everyone has a different reason for running the shadows. Poverty, betrayal, anger…or it can be inertia, like in my case. Been doing this so long, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve seen the both Crashes, Goblinization, UCAS, Corporate Wars, a Dragon President, Chicago nuked, the Comet, AIs, technomancers, you name it. It makes you feel old.

Especially when you are old. Everyone looks for that big score, that one job that nets you enough nuyen to retire in style. Hell, I’ve gotten that “big score” at least a dozen times over the years. And its been gone just like that at least a dozen times too. Shadowrunners don’t “retire in style”. We retire in the gutter after we’re just a bit too slow, a bit too cocky, or a bit too unlucky. It’s only a matter of time.

How did I survive this life? I didn’t. You just have to wait, it’ll come. You kids might think you’re invincible, but I’ve seen dozens cacked on their first job. You want some advice, remember this:

• You’re not as fast as you think.
• You’re not as smart as you think.
• You’re not as tough as you think
• Important things are always simple.
• Simple things are always hard.
• Tracers work both ways.
Body armor doesn’t stop head shots.
• If everything is going well, you’ve overlooked something.
• If outnumbered 5:1, talking is better than shooting.
• Shoot straight, conserve ammo and stay low.
• Shotguns are not stealth weapons.
• Don’t punch things you don’t understand.
• Never trust an elf.
• Never deal with a dragon.

And always remember to Geek the Mage First.


Geek the Mage First is a Shadowrun 4th edition campaign. The characters, with their dark and mysterious paths, have found their way to Seattle in the dystopian future of 2072. Unable or unwilling to survive by legal means, they have resorted to working in the shadows, acting as disposable deniable assets for the Megacorporations, Organized Crime Lords, and corrupt politicians that control the puppets strings of the world.

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Geek the Mage First

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