Thompson Industries

Thompson Industries is a mid-size trans-national corporation specializing in commlink technology.

Started in 2013 by Robert Warren and Sonya Thompson, Thompson industries (then SONRO) came about as a result of a technology patent and copyright sale from a defunct communications firm.

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Some old company that went bust in the early 2000’s. Norcom or Altell or something.
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Sonya had worked for Norcom before it went bust and had developed some very advanced designs – light-years ahead of the ‘blueteeth’ comlinks of old. However, she hid the designs from her employers until the time was ripe. Robert was a biometrics Ph.D., working at a tech startup and they met at a corporate Christmas function.

After falling in and talking about things, they realized that their specialized backgrounds were complementary. After their marriage, Sonya shared her design secrets with Robert, who immediately saw their potential. Neither being overly burdened with scruples, they started SONRO Technodyne.

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What is it with people from that era and the ending “-dyne”?
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Between the two of them, and a lot of hard work, six years later the first prototype commlink was produced and patented.

SONRO grew, over the next few years, into a leading multinational, as their technology revolutionized telecommunications. Tragedy struck when Robert died in a bizarre skiing accident in Whistler, Salish-Shidhe. Although only a mediocre skier, Robert died in an avalanche while attempting to heli-ski. He had been growing more and more reclusive, and at one point had a near breakdown, claiming that his wife was out to get him. Of course, their relationship had been tabloid fodder for years and there was no more dedicated and loving wife than Sonya.

With Robert dead, SONRO became Thompson Industries in 2020 and has been since. Thompson came through the troubles relatively unscathed and was powerfully positioned when a stroke left Sonya, the ultimate matriarch of Thompson industries, in a vegetative state. Her children and heirs succeeded her in 2040. The corp has been largely ‘family’ run with a hereditary CEO, but with all positions below being staffed by the best and brightest.

In as early as 2023, Thompson had established strong ties with the military and had been designing mil-spec commware for the old Canadian and US governments. With the fall of the old system and the emergence of the UCAS and the Corp enclaves, Thompson’s military applications were suddenly in far greater demand. Thompson established strong relations with Ares Macrotech early and were also suppliers to the emergent European powers as well.

In 2069, Thompson started to experience serious and significant security and technology breaches at both their R&D facilities and corporate headquarters. At the same time, they started to experience material shortages and production slowdowns. Nothing attributable to anyone or anything in particular, but the last three years have been extremely tough on Thompson. There are rumors that Renraku is interested in acquiring the technology that Thompson is developing and that the son of the CEO of Renraku North America’s current paramour is none other than Tina Thompson, daughter of CEO Giles Thompson, and is next in line for the Thompson throne. Not much is known about Tina, although some sources indicate that she has been engaged before.

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Some second-rate, second-son loser from Ares Macrotechnology, no less.
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Hey Trog. Here’s some stuff I was able to dig up about TI’s recent problems.


Thompson’s recent problems have definitely not been coincidental or internal in nature. When the problems started in 2069, word on the street was that TI was kick-starting a new research division. Aimed at the Resonance/Technomancer phenomena.

No big news right? Every corp with an interest in the Matrix or Awakened worlds is looking into this supposed combination of the two.

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Resonance IS NOT Magic. But yeah, plenty of research, and some of it WAY past any ethical or moral boundaries…
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Well, sure. Except in May 2069, Thompson scored a major leg-up on the race by “recruiting” one Marcellus Nelson Xavier, a leading researcher in the field of Resonance Theory. The official line claimed he was a willing extraction from Aekei Heuristic Technologies, but Shadowland gives a more violent and extortion-laden account.

So what, you say? Well, AHT is a subsidiary of MCT, and it seems that Papa Panda wasn’t too happy about the “defection”. TI came under some heavy economic harassment from the MegaCorp. Influence with various governments can buy you a lot of specific trade restrictions and selective enforcement of customs regulations. Well, it was the equivalent of a tech nerd trying to stand up to a urban brawl team. Within a year, TI was struggling to maintain a market share.

And that’s when things got bad…

TI turned to long-time associates Ares Macrotechnology for support. But Ares doesn’t do computer stuff. Well, not much, anyway. So while the military communications division’s successes helped to staunch some of the bleeding, the Matrix divisions continues to drown in a sea of red.

It was mid-2071 when TI started getting hit by more than underhanded business tactics. Bombs took out key warehouses and transit facilities in Seattle. Two irreplaceable research scientists were pulled from their beds and whisked away, never to be heard from again. A third lab-jock apparently turned down whatever was being offered, and was found floating in the Sound (well parts of him, anyway). There were also a number of nuisance events, including datasteals, destruction of prototypes, missing shipments, that sort of thing.

So, MCT taking things a step further, right? Well, on the surface it was, but when has anything in the shadows been what it seemed? There are more rumors about who is behind the shadow ops on TI than Mazula has back hairs. People have pegged MCT, Renraku, the Azzies, S-K, Wuxing, the Tir government, great dragons, and all manner of even more ridiculous sources for TI’s troubles, even Ares Macrotech. Even if five percent of it is true, there are some BIG PLAYERS who want TI to fail.

Ultimately, it seems that Giles Thompson (CEO) has decided that sleeping with the lion is better than being ripped apart by the jackals, and has thrown in his lot with Renraku Computer Systems, one of Mitsuhama’s biggest rivals. Or, at least thrown in his lot with the Nakada family, having engaged his daughter to the son of the Renraku North America CEO. It doesn’t mean a merger, per se, as RCS isn’t a hereditary dynasty like TI, but promises to put the local corp firmly into the Mega’s control.

And that leaves us with the last six months or so. Well, with Renraku’s corporate clout, the red tape that was crippling TI is starting to unravel, and the frequency of “unfortunate incidents” has gone down. Many claim that as proof that Renraku was really the one behind the shadow ops, but others point out that TI is still getting hit, and that a Megacorp-backed business is a less attractive target than a (mostly) defenseless company.

But what do they all want? That, chummer, is the million nuyen question. Giles Thompson is playing coy, even with Renraku. Is he hoping for some major breakthrough that vaults TI to Big Ten status? Is he hoping for the big golden handshake from RCS and retire in style? Is there something else at play here? The shadows have lots of opinions, but very few answers…

Thompson Industries

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