Mac's Place

Featured Brew: Full Sail AmberA Taste of Old Oregon

Local pub in Puyallup, near Little Tony’s garage. Mac was struggling to keep the bar running because a man named Wilson from Diamond Axe Acquisitions was sabotaging her business and trying to buy up all of the land around the place. He was apparently after the jaguar skull, a powerful artifact that was hidden in a smuggler’s tunnel under the bar.

After GTMF removed the skull from its hiding place, DAA stopped harrassing Mac, but she was unable to keep the place afloat. An investment from Frenchie provided her with enough cash to get the business back under control, although it will remain an uphill struggle for some time.

As part owner, Frenchie frequents the place to sample the goods and make sure his new customers are being served only the best…

Mac's Place

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