Hypersense Inc. (Division of Renraku North America)

Kenzo Morita
San Francisco, California Free State

Hypersense operates primarily as Renraku’s media arm, focusing on simsense, trideo, and general entertainment services. Originally in Hollywood, the corporation relocated after the chaos of the Los Angeles earthquakes and the advent of Matrix 2.0 obviating the need for a centralized media hotspot. The move to (then) Japanese-controlled San Francisco was a boon for the division, with improved access to resources and more favorable regulations to boost productivity.

Hypersense has been the driving force behind the newest simsense technologies, including the popular HyperSim™ rigs that have brought commercial products close to BTL levels of stimulation without the negative drawbacks.

Some rumors peg them as working on tech that can capture, transfer, and store biological memories. Downloading into human brains is how Deus escaped the Arcology in the first place. It was only a matter of time before Renraku seized upon how the AI did it and patented the process.

Over the last few months I’ve been pulling a steady income doing kidnap jobs for a Johnson. The guy had a list of names, everyday wageslaves he wanted me to snatch off the streets and deliver. Don’t ask questions, right? So, I get near the end of the list and I start to recognize some of the names, and then I start to ask questions. It turns out that all of them were involved in Arcology Shutdown. They were all trapped inside when the doors closed. I decided right then that it was time to stop asking questions.

Hard Exit


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