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  • 27 July 2072

    Brought to you by: Downfall Bar - Cleaner than the rest of Redmond

    h3=. Gang Violence Rocks Tacoma Several neighborhoods in west Tacoma were shaken last night by a series of violent clashes. Local clubs were targeted by teams of tattooed …

  • Hypersense

    Hypersense Inc. (Division of Renraku North America) |{width:100px}. *CEO:*
    Headquarters: | Kenzo Morita
    San Francisco, California Free State | Hypersense operates primarily as Renraku's media arm, focusing on simsense, trideo, and general …

  • Tina Thompson

    Daughter, and next in line for CEO-ship ,of [[Thompson Industries | Thompson Industries]] CEO Giles Thompson, Tina is currently the 'toy' of Renraku NA CEO's son [[:hideki | Hideki Nakada]]. As a former friend of [[:trog | Thurston Ryan Olvier Gallagher …

  • Hideki Nakada

    Hey Trog, here's a summary of what I could put together about your 'friend'.  Hope its helpful.

    |{width:110px}. *SIN:* | *%{color:red}[file request denied]%* | |(. Birthdate: