Tag: Psychiatry


  • Break and Enter

    Jimmy called with another appointment with the Johnson. Club Penumbra. I call the boys. The Johnson arrives. It's a woman wearing a business suit. "I've got a job for you. Breaking and entering. You are to retrieve a package from a small office …

  • Hot Shit

    I'm not a big music fan most of the time I ignore the scene but sometimes you hear sometime and it tunes you in. I remember seeing an interview with Excrement a few months ago.

    "Your first disk in 2067", the interviewer said, "was a 100 …

  • Psychology 101

    I have my psych appointment on the 23rd of Aug at 2:00. Dr. Springer's office is in a small group practice building in Renton (a middle class neighborhood). I need to make some preparations to try to keep my ass out of jail and alive. I grab my commlink …

  • Admission Note

    | *Name:*
    | *Krissy Hart (query: Clarisse?)*
    | |>{width:120px;}. Birthdate:
    Augmentation: | 16 Aug 2054 (18)
    _Homo sapiens sapiens_

  • Assessment

    "Good morning, Ms. Hart" Clarisse sighed inside and closed the AR(Augmented Reality) display as Dr. Cassoway walked in. Not much reason to keep the commlink running anyway. AR was a poor substitute for full immersion and the crippled 'link they allowed …

  • Crazy Little Thing

    bq. "Hello Brian. No, I'm not your doctor and no, I can't prescribe you more drugs." This was my third attempt at entering the psychiatric hospital where Clarisse was being treated, so I'd gotten to used to the requests of certain patients as I made my …

  • Knight Errant

    It's dark, really early in the morning, and a commlink rings and buzzes on the nighttable. A hand reaches out to pick up the phone. A bleary female voice mumbles, "Who is it? Calling at this hour..." "Maz" "What time is it?" "Around 4 am …