Tag: Dmitri


  • Confrontation

    bq. Frenchie? It's Tony. You there? Pick up if you're there... bq. Fuck. bq. Clarisse is in the hospital. Something about bio-neuro-feedback-delirium-shock...I dunno what the fuck they said. Anyway, she's screaming something about Grace and …

  • Family Obligations

    So, like you wanted Tony, I have followed the zheloba nakip who have brought such pain into your house. I have been with these sobaki and the first day out they got me gassed in a bloody clothes shop (although parenthetically the shop was amazing with …

  • Dmitri Karma

    h3. Spent Karma |_. Type |_. Details |_=. New Value |_=. Cost | | | |=. |=. |
    h3. Future Planning |_. Type |_. Details |_=. New Value |_=. Cost | | New Skill | Hold Breath |=. 1 |=. 4 |