Tag: Dead


  • Trog

    I weren’t always like dis chummer – it weren’t always dis way. I was borned into a good fambily, I gots a good education early and I was gonna be sombody- somebody big, special, ya know? No, it weren’t always dis way … Life was good. Had me a job, had …

  • Dwayne

    Dwayne is [[:mazula | Mazula's]] partner at Lone Star. His wife, Monica, doesn't like Mazula because "he's going to get Dwayne killed." After Mazula left the force, Dwayne was transferred to Vice, and has been working undercover on the [[:tempo|tempo …

  • Cross-eyed Louie

    Cross-Eyed Louie works for Tony "The Chef" Gianelli one of the mafia chiefs in Seattle. Louie is one of his lieutenants. He exchanges information for occasional favors with [[:mazula | Mazula]]. Louie is involved in the distribution of tempo, and …

  • Grace

    K-Bunny's friend. First met Trog in Auburn mall while trying to find K-Bunny. Later, the team saved Grace and K-Bunny from the Excrement ticket riots. She developed an infatuation with Sam Wolfe, and tried asking him out to "plan" K-Bunny's party, …

  • Jonas

    Datafile info collected by [[:clarisse | K-Bunny]] on behalf of Hirito. h4. Jonas Johnson |{width:110px}. *SIN:* | *11843-9920HSS-200742-SEA* | |(. Birthdate: