Security Tape

Segment of a security tape sent to Hirito


This video file appears in Hirito’s inbox several days after the McNeil Island incident. There was no information about the sender and no Matrix node trace info that would typically accompany a file transmission of this type.

//upload video file :: source MIMHC\security\video\cameras\12b\10/08/72(13:15:29)

The camera is focused down the hallway toward the main visitor’s entrance door, a closed and heavily reinforced barrier. The bodies of a male japanese human and a male troll are visible in the lower part of the image. Both are badly injured and the troll appears to be bleeding heavily. Two black clad and heavily armed figures can be seen further up the hallway, assault rifles pointed at the reinforced doorway. Several other figures pass back and forth in front of the camera, too close to be in focus.

An indistinct male voice (Jonas) can be heard babbling in the background, the volume and rate rising and falling in an irregular manner. Cries of “help”, “don’t hurt me”, “I can’t tell them”, and other less coherent phrases can be made out with some difficulty.

Another male voice can be made out faintly: “Wir haben das ziel gesichert. Keine verletzten. Zwei wachen anlage tot, fünf verletzte. Wir haben auch zwei verletzte zivilisten in der nähe des ziels.”

GoogleMatrix Translation:
"We have secured the objective. No injuries. Two facility security dead, five injured. We also have
 two injured civilians near the target."

The is a short pause, and the same voice speaks again: “Verstanden wird. Wir erwarten keinen widerstand mehr.”

GoogleMatrix Translation:
"Understood. We expect no further resistance."

Moments later there is move activity, and one of the black clad operative kneels next to the injured human male and sets down a medkit. After a short examination the medic moves on to the troll. Several minutes of medical care follow, continuing to be punctuated by intermittent disjointed comments from the voice (Jonas) in the background. When the first aid operation concludes, the worst of the wounds are bound, and the pool of blood on the floor no longer appears to be growing.

The male voice once again speaks, the voice growing and then fading in volume as another out-of-focus form passes in front of the camera. “Die Zivilisten behandelt. Das Ziel ist bereit zum Verhör.”

GoogleMatrix Translation:
"The civilians have been dealt with. The target is ready for questioning."

More black forms pass by. Mumbling voices can be heard, but specific details cannot be made out.

The voice (Jonas) that was previously heard making disorganized comments can be clearly heard shouting, “NO! YOU’RE NOT REAL! NOT REAL! YOU’RE NOT…”

A single gunshot rings out and the voice cuts off in mid-shout.

// end video file.


Security Tape

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