Vesic Veralath

Elven Explosives/Demolition Expert


Part of Delta Phoenix, the covert ops team that Hirito belongs to, Vesic remained in contact with the sniper. She has some unexpressed regrets about their former team leader, Rodrigo, but this has not been made clear yet. She and Hirito have developed a very close relationship recently.

Although outwardly supporting Hirito, Vesic was an agent for the German shadowrunning team and was feeding them information about the sniper’s former teammates. She used the Japanese man to lure the last of the Delta Phoenix team into the open and kill them all.

Hirito survived the explosion, and saw the woman again during the battle in the Yucatan temple. Vesic was hurt during the fight, and the sniper confronted her team-mate, Hälm, but only received a partial explanation for her actions. The German elf gave him instructions to go to Görlitzer Park in Berlin in early January to get more answers.

Vesic Veralath

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