Simon Headley

Obnoxious B-List Celebrity


Second rate elven trideo star and wannabe pop-star. GTMF was hired to bodyguard Simon during a visit to Seattle. They managed to keep the star on-schedule by the liberal use of Influence spells and a supply of tempo. A roving party in the back of the limosine included at least six different women at various points, a visit to a seedy motel in Puyallup, and mexican food delivery.

The team managed to thwart an attack in Simon’s hotel room by two men hired to kill him, although they learned very little from the attacker who surrendered.

During the bodyguarding job, Mazula saved Simon’s agent, Joshua Rocha, from an apparent kidnapping attempt. They later suspected that Rocha might have been involved in the rape of the Aztlan ambassador’s daughter, which they confirmed for themselves with a Mind Probe. Sam anonymously notified the ambassador and Aztechnology representative, and Rocha was quickly arrested.


Simon Headley

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