Former leader of the Rockers street gang in Puyallup. The gang was dealing BTL chips for the Yakuza until it was wiped out in a battle with Rocksalt’s Boys, and new gang trying to break into the area. The fight was a ploy by Clarisse to wipe out both gangs, in order to make the neighborhood safer and to get revenge for the Rockers involvement in the arrest of Markie Morris.

Although badly injured in the fight, Scar managed to evade Lone Star, only to have to face the consequences in failing his duty to the Yakuza…

Scar later resurfaced working for Rin during her attempt at revenge. His brutality and bullying earned him few allies in the team, and eventually they turned on him, leaving him in the Yucatan temple after a tense confrontation with GTMF.


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