Paul Simmonds


Son of Microdeck VP, Jack Simmonds, kidnapped in late April by the Ecoterrorist organization, Greenwar.  Simmonds was sighted several times during the following months, possibly working against Microdeck or with Greenwar.  

GTMF was hired to recover the young man after he had been tracked to a downtown Seattle warehouse.  They attacked the Greenwar cell, thwarting a planned bombing of the Caribana festival and killing several people including a prominent Caribbean community mage, Lei Osso.  Simmonds did not come willingly with the team, but was captured without injury.

Simmonds resurfaced a month later, after a news story that claimed he was rescued by a special forces team from a Greenwar cabin in Fort Lewis.

Since the kidnapping, Simmonds has thrown himself into his work and is a rising star in the technology and political community.  He has been a hit at several Republican fundraising events, and his speaking services are in high demand.

Recently, he was given credit for thwarting an attempted bombing at the Vashon estate after a disgruntled designer accused the fashion family of stealing his designs.  Simmonds has downplayed the importance of his role in the event.

Simmonds’ growing fame attracted the attention of the Republican party, who hired him as a speaker at several rallies. He became even more famous when would-be assassins shot at him during an appearance with President Colleton (Sitara was supposed to shoot him, but Hirito instead fired early and wide, preventing Nicodemus’ plan).

After her re-election, President Colleton made Simmonds part of her cabinet. The young executive will take over the position of Minister for Corporate Affairs in early 2073.


Paul Simmonds

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