Mysterious voice on the commlink who periodically calls Sitara to demand that she undertake various jobs on threat of something unpleasant happening to her kidnapped daughter, Damienne. He has had the elven assassin do the following:

  • Retrieving the blackbox from crashed Flight 7346, taking it for modification and returning it to the crash site
  • Duplicating two maglock passkeys and a transducer key, returning them and keeping the copies for future use
  • Purchasing two boxes of 13 mm Russian sniper rifle ammo

GTMF attempted to have Sammie track the commcode after the Blackbox job, but the spider was attacked by Black IC for his trouble.

Eventually, the team betrayed Nicodemus when he attempted to force Sitara to shoot at President Colleton’s campaign rally. The man retaliated by having agents shoot at the girl and her mother, then later kidnapped the child for use in a magical ritual. Interference by GTMF in the temple cavern caused the ritual to spiral out of control, and Nicodemus was killed by the ghostly dragon that emerged from the Deep Well.



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