Jimmy the Card

Fixer - known to all characters


A reasonably well known Seattle area fixer, Jimmy specializes in assembling teams from relative unknowns and newcomers to the shadows. He has a reputation for spotting new talent, and many street savvy runners made their start in Jimmy’s stables.

He also has a reputation for having an odd approach.

Many new prospects have claimed that Jimmy met with them in person (almost unheard of) and during the interview asked a number of strange questions including childhood stories (imaginary friends, toilet training experiences), intimate personal history (first love, first sexual encounter) and random things (if you could be any invertebrate for a day, which one would you pick and why?). Jimmy reportedly doesn’t care if these strange questions are actually answered.

Jimmy also hands out plain paper cards (yes, the old fashioned ones with no wireless, no data, not even a RFID) with his name and commlink number. He has never commented on this, but many speculate that he does this so the cards will find their way to the SINless who don’t have access to decent tech. Others don’t buy this explanation; if they don’t have a commlink to scan a RFID card, how do they call the ’link number?

Despite his odd methods, no-one argues with Jimmy’s results. Many of his choices have gone on to earn plenty of street cred, and no small number of those were overlooked by other fixers before Jimmy saw the potential.

Jimmy the Card

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