Teenage wanna-be boyfriend


Teenage boy, and friend of K-Bunny and Grace. He has a crush on Grace, but appears to have be relegated to the role of friend and tags along with the girls, apparently hoping that the blonde will someday notice him.

During K-Bunny’s birthday party, Jeff got drunk and angry in response to Grace’s continued attempts come on to Sam. Urged on by Trog, the teen took a swing at the elf, missed, and knocked himself out on the bar. Hirito and the troll took the kid home, but not before stopping off at a local tattoo parlor and having a ‘No Elves’ symbol burned into his right butt cheek.

Jeff was also with K-Bunny when she was on her Matrix run to track down Sam after he was caught by enemies that had also killed Grace. He was last seen by one of K-Bunny’s neighbors after the girl was taken to the hospital.



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