Hideki Nakada

Rich-boy Corporate Enemy


Son of Renraku North America CEO, Haruhiko Nakada. He came into conflict with Trog after being spotted abusing the troll’s ex-girlfriend, Tina at a club. Tina later asked Trog to not pursue revenge because her father needs Renraku’s support to save Thompson Industries from collapse.

Hideki also demanded that Frenchie hand over the jaguar skull, claiming that it was his property. The dwarf merely hung up on him.

GTMF later learned that Hideki was the father of Sitara’s daughter, Damienne, who was also the adopted daughter of Sam’s sister, Amrita. He attempted to save the girl from his brother who took her to the Yucatan temple for a magical ritual.

Hey Trog, here's a summary of what I could put together about your 'friend'.  Hope its helpful.


SIN: [file request denied]
24 Dec 2048
Japanese Imperial State
Homo sapiens sapiens
Japanese (native), English, Chinese
Biographical Summary, excerpted from: Holden’s Corporate Guides (Matrix Edition 2071)

The oldest child of Haruhiko Nakada (CEO Renraku North America), Hideki Nakada has made a name for himself within the corporation for being willing to take exceptional risks in the pursuit of success. This has led to a rather tumultuous career within the tech giant, fluctuating between being the golden child and the goat. It has also led to a great deal of conflict with his father, who is well known to be a staunch conservative who has worked diligently to rebuild the corporation after the Arcology disaster in Seattle.

Extensively educated in the Japanese Imperial State, the younger Nakada is a formidable intellectual force within the corporation, but many also speak of him (not to his face) as a spoiled rich boy who rose to his position because of his father’s influence, not his ability. This view grossly oversimplifies the relationship between the two men. It also overlooks the role of the competition between Hideki and his younger brother, Nikeo, for the approval of their father.

Rumors have persisted for years that Hideki trained and served with Renraku’s infamous Red Samurai security forces. Gaps in available records reinforce these rumors, and the failure of no less than six (known) assassination attempts certainly lends credence to the assumption. Of course, as a top executive and family member of the North American CEO, the young man is also protected by extensive personal and corporate security resources and is able to call upon military assets such as the Red Samurai. At least one of his personal bodyguards is known to be an ex-Samurai operative, and several more are suspected.

Known Holdings / Positions
  • Senior VP, Research and Development – Renraku North America
  • COO, Genecraft – Bangalore, Indian Union
  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Hypersense Inc – San Francisco, California Free State
  • Majority Shareholder, Alliance Security Services – Seattle, UCAS
  • Majority Shareholder, Nimbus Research – Mérida, Yucatan
  • Majority Shareholder, Diamond Axe Acquisitions – Seattle, UCAS
  • Non-Majority shareholdings: numerous corporate and business holdings worldwide

Estimated Net Worth: 1.53 billion nuyen

Hideki Nakada

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