German Elf Shadowrunner


Awakened elf shadowrunner with a German accent.

First encountered GTMF when she offered to buy the Delta Phoenix document from the team, and ended up in a firefight with them.

Later, she and her team purchased the jaguar skull artifact from GTMF in a much more civil transaction.

GTMF again encountered the elf and her team (this time including Hirito’s former girlfriend, Vesic) in the Yucatan temple. One member of the team was killed, and several hurt in the battle.


German Shadowrun Team

Magically active and assumed by GTMF to be an adept, this blonde, German elf is the apparent face of the team. She carries a katana and a heavy pistol, although GTMF has not seen her use either weapon.
Unidentified Shooter
This human woman was hidden on the roof of a nearby building when the deal for the Delta Phoenix document went bad. She fired the grenade that almost killed Hirito before retreating off the back of the building. She was killed during the battle in the Yucatan temple.
Unidentified Mage
This elven woman was also on the roof during the Delta Phoenix debacle. Her air elemental and spells hurt Hirito badly before she also retreated from the firefight.
Unidentified Rigger
Driving a heavily modified GMC Bulldog Step Van, this member of the team has not been seen, but picked up Hälm after the Delta Phoenix firefight, and managed to get the team away from the scene.
G rsm
Unidentified Hacker
Also not seen, GTMF felt the effects of this person’s skill during the Delta Phoenix incident as their weapons began malfunctioning, shutting down and misfiring.
C psm


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