Twice dead, skanky, teenage friend


K-Bunny’s friend. First met Trog in Auburn mall while trying to find K-Bunny. Later, the team saved Grace and K-Bunny from the Excrement ticket riots.

She developed an infatuation with Sam Wolfe, and tried asking him out to “plan” K-Bunny’s party, but was annoyed when the elf invited most of GTMF on the date.

She later tried to apologize to Sam, but was being manipulated by the Men in Black to help them capture him. She took a gel round to the eye and was killed while trying to help Sam escape at the last minute.

Grace later reappeared in the Yucatan temple, working with Rin. She took K-Bunny hostage to force Sam to come with her to the ritual chamber so they could be ‘rejoined’. She was killed again during the temple battle, and the magical force inhabiting her body was transferred to her friend.


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