Alison Damienne Clark is the biological daughter of Sitara and (probably) Hideki Nakada, taken from her mother at birth. She has been raised by Sam’s sister, Amrita since she was a child, and the elven woman and her husband Terrance were unaware of the child’s true origins.

Damienne has been a pawn in a plot by Nicodemus, who has been making the elven assassin carry out jobs while threatening to harm the little girl. This threat was apparently made good after Sitara failed to complete one of the jobs in the allotted time, and Damienne’s arm was broken in a fall from a play structure.

After Sitara and Hirito refused to carry out the near assassination of Paul Simmonds at a Republican rally, Damienne was badly injured by a sniper who also shot Sam and Amrita before GTMF was able to rescue them.

The girl was later kidnapped by Nicodemus, who used her as a part of a powerful magic ritual in Yucatan. The magical energy channeled through, or transformed the girl into a ghostly dragon that threatened to destroy everyone in the cavern. Sam was able to destroy the source of the magic, and Mazula rescued the girl as the dragon vanished.



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