Cross-eyed Louie

Mafia Lieutenant - Gianelli family


Cross-Eyed Louie works for Tony “The Chef” Gianelli one of the mafia chiefs in Seattle. Louie is one of his lieutenants. He exchanges information for occasional favors with Mazula.

Louie is involved in the distribution of tempo, and apparently his part of the family organization deals with the Montreal-based Vitale family to buy the drug. Mazula’s friend, Dwayne, has been working undercover in Louie’s organization, and the GTMF ex-cop has walked a fine line trying to prevent either friend from finding out about the other.

Dwayne was working for Louie during his undercover vice operation, and the mafia lieutenant discovered the snitch and captured him. GTMF attempted a rescue operation, but when mafia goons started dying, Louie’s second-in-command Terri killed the cop and they all fled the building. Mazula blew up the warehouse after the operation, and began preparing for his revenge.

After Louie publicly chastised Terri for killing the cop and sending a hit team after his family, the second-in-command broke ranks, taking a substantial proportion of the organization with her. After several weeks of warfare, Terri hired GTMF through a Johnson, in hopes of ending the war. Mazula also received a call from Louie to help him in the war. GTMF played both sides of the battle, getting Louie’s money up front and trying to set up both mobsters to be taken down. When Terri didn’t show up, Mazula triggered the bomb anyway, killing Louie and four of his men.

Cross-eyed Louie

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