Clarisse / K-Bunny

Teenage hacker chick and girlfriend


Clarisse first met GTMF when her dad, Tony, asked Frenchie to get her out of trouble with a local Puyallup gang. The girl was actually infiltrating the group to manipulate them into taking on a Yakuza-backed drug gang in the neighborhood. She befriended GTMF after they got her out of the middle of the gang firefight.

She later helped the team retrieve a prototype from an MCT facility. She was badly injured by Black IC during the run, but recovered.

She became involved with Sam Wolfe and continued to do favors for the team, including research into the elf’s background. Her friend Grace found some of the data and began to look into it herself, leading to unwanted attention from the mage’s enemies. After Grace was killed and Sam taken prisoner, Clarisse organized a Matrix search with several hacker friends and managed to find him. Unfortunately, she was nearly killed in the process, and suffered serious neurological injury from another round with Black IC.

K-Bunny continued to become more and more confrontational, irritable, and overprotective of Sam. When her father tried to prevent her from seeing the mage, she left home, initially planning to move into her own apartment. However, her finances were being drained by someone, and she was forced to move in with Sam, just as GTMF rescued the mage’s sister. The teen took a liking to Damienne, and the two were becoming close when the little girl was kidnapped by Nicodemus.

During the rescue attempt in Yucatan, Clarisse’s supposedly dead friend, Grace, resurfaced and took her hostage, trying to lure Sam into some magical trap. When the blonde was killed, something mystical moved to the hacker’s body and took over. GTMF left the girl in the temple, and are unsure of her current whereabouts.


Don’t call me Clarisse.

My dad calls me that. Everyone else uses my net-handle: K-Bunny.

My dad thinks I’m still eight. He uses cute names, buys me girly things, and raises his voice half an octave when he talks to me. I don’t think he’s even noticed that I’ve had tits for the past three years. And if you want to see a tough old troll weep in terror, just watch me ask him about “feminine issues”.

Still, he’s a good guy. Wants only the best for me. He’s looked after me ever since mom died during the big Crash in ‘64. We never talk about her, and I don’t really know what they were all about. He’s not my sperm donor dad (he hates when I say “sperm” too) but he’s better to me than a lot of fathers I see.

Not that it stops him from being a drekking pain. He lets me tinker with any gear I want, but then balks when I do anything cool with it. He goes on about how I’m the smartest kid in the city, then thinks I can’t look after myself.

Take that whole ‘Rocksalt Boys’ crap last week. Nothing but a bunch of hormone charged, low-tech, brainless, punk boys. No match for someone with a real brain and no dick to over-ride it. But would dad even consider letting me deal with them before a full gangwar broke out? “Aww, sweetie. Why don’t you go watch Markie Morris or play Killer-Net-Bunnies and let the police deal with them?” Then he patted me on the fraggin’ head! I would have clawed his eyes out if he couldn’t just pick me up with one finger and carry me around in an undignified manner until I calmed down.

Anyway, after I calmed down (and crashed a couple of random nodes out of frustration), I figured out my own plan to deal with the gangs. Rocksalt’s boys were trying to carve out a chunk of the neighborhood action with this new tempo crap they were pushing. The Rocker’s are long established and deal in BTLs for the Yaks. Rocksalt had already been hitting on me, so getting his attention was simple, and catching Scar’s eye didn’t take much more work.

Sure, I rushed things a bit after the whole Markie Mark incident. But I was just SO MAD about it. Scar caught me recording the “Dear John” message for Rocksalt and I couldn’t make the clean getaway I had planned. Figured I’d just keep my head down until cops showed up to deal with them (Oh yeah, I called a friend to make sure Lone Pork was around as the shooting started).

Worked out fine, though. Some friends of dad’s showed up just in time to pull the “I’ll save you, little girl! Look at how manly I am!” card. Well, except for the troll who kicked the door in and then got his ass shot off. And the little guy who couldn’t even pick me up (I mean, sure, I’m no bony, toilet-hugging, boy-shaped waif, but come-on! Get a gym membership or something…) The elf’s kinda cute, although bit chunky. Weird hey? Who ever heard of a flabby elf?

They seem like a decent bunch, though. And they did save my ass, even if it wasn’t in the most stylish manner. Maybe if they’re looking for some Matrix support, I can do something cool for a change.

Just don’t tell my dad…

Clarisse / K-Bunny

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