Smuggler team from Montreal


Cinquieme is a non-specialized smuggler team, based in the Montreal Metroplex. They carry just about anything to just about anywhere in North America, and have a reputation for reliability. They operated with a highly modified GMC Banshee VTOL, which was destroyed in a crash near Seattle in early May. After GTMF saved their hides and gave them a generous deal on the captured loot, Cinquieme is a contact and friend.

The team consists of:

  • Pounder (Leader): A black dwarf with a Quebecois accent and a reputation for common sense. Although Breetva handles the negotiations, Pounder knows a lot of people and can get his hands on just about anything.
  • Breetva (Face/Razorgirl): A Russian native with razor sharp arm spurs and a tongue to match. She is the team’s negotiator and has a reputation for being able to drink anyone under the table.
  • Heeley (Rigger): A dwarf who looks to be about 14 years old, Heeley is a seasoned veteran, piloting the team’s VTOL with incredible skill (at least until the recent crash). He speaks with a heavy Quebecois accent and is difficult to understand.
  • Red-Scale-Snake (Magician): Twin to Night-Strike-Woman, this human woman is mentored by Snake, and as a result, her skin is often dry and peeling. This is disconcerting for most newcomers, but the rest of her team has gotten used to it.
  • Night-Strike-Woman (Adept): Twin sister to Red-Scale-Snake, this young woman rarely speaks unless asking her sister a brief question. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat and acts as additional muscle on Breetva’s negotiation meets.

GTMF met Cinquieme on their first job, when they were hired by Mr. Johnson to retrieve a package being transported by the smugglers. The pickup was complicated by the interference of a local trog gang calling themselves the Tooth Warriors (named after the local Ork settlement). Aided by a powerful spirit, the Tooth stole some of the smugglers cargo (including the Johnson’s package) before the smugglers could get away. Unfortunately, their VTOL crashed shortly after takeoff, and the GtMF team arrived shortly thereafter.

After a brief, but uneventful firefight, the two teams realized that they were on the same side and began planning how to get the cargo back from the gang. Pounder and Breetva had intended to negotiate using the remaining cargo (food, booze and ammo) to trade for the Johnson’s case and some other items that Cinquieme needed to deliver. Unfortunately, when the teams spotted the Tooth Warriors at a nearby settlement, roughing up a local farmer and three captured smugglers, they decided to attack instead. Aided by a very powerful spirit, the gang leader survived and both teams were captured and taken to the gang’s camp, the site of a crashed Ares Dragon.

The two teams negotiated with the Tooth Warriors to exchange there remaining gear for their freedom. However, during the night, several of the team members managed to impress the spirit and when the Tooth Warrior leader, Kaztok, failed to honor their agreement, the Old One decided to stay with the smuggler/runner teams. Kaztok was enraged, and then killed in the resulting firefight.

GTMF was generous with the smugglers, accepting Pounder’s estimate of the value of Kaztok’s stash of stolen gear and making them a good deal. The Old One expressed a wish to travel and see the world outside of his domain, and the smugglers agreed to take him along.


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